Fitness Programs designed to Optimize Health & Boost Performance

How would you like to get maximal results using minimal equipment?

What others are saying

DeVon Gilkes
 Kenton’s training prepared me for the military. Training with Kenton is customized to you and your ability, he makes the sessions informative and fun. I have no doubt that all your fitness goals will be met with Kenton and I highly recommend him. 

Roy Naquin
 I no longer have to take medication for anxiety or panic attacks, because I don’t have them anymore. Kenton is the best. Maybe the world's best. 

What to expect?

Whether you need face to face or online coaching I have programs to fit any lifestyle. A strategic combination of in-person and remote coaching ensures success by enabling direct access to me from anywhere.

After an extensive health assessment, which will help both you and I understand your goals, current condition, and limiting factors, together, we'll develop your strategic fitness program. I'll then coach you through the tactical execution phase. This is where the real magic happens.

Progress not Perfection

You'll receive tactical strength and conditioning workouts along with nutritional guidelines each month.

Enough talking about how you're going to get in shape. The time to act is now because I'll guide, support, and hold you accountable during your training.

This is not some generic fitness program ripped from a magazine.

Each workout is designed specifically for you. No more wasting time making up random workouts. Now there'll never be a situation you aren't prepared to handle. Only custom exercise programming to keep you progressing.

Every meal has a purpose. Tired of wondering what to eat? You know you should be eating healthy but it just feels so complicated. Never again, I'll give you easy to follow nutritional guidelines and educate you on healthy food choices.

Forever Forward

My goal is to arm you with the knowledge and tools required to make fitness successful in all situations. I'll show you how to integrate fitness seamlessly into your day to day life. Soon you'll be doing things you never thought possible.

Your progress will be reviewed monthly and a new tactical training program will be created based on performance. With constant communication, I'll be able to make modifications that compliment your lifestyle and boost productivity.

Ideal clients are tactical professionals including military, fire, law enforcement and combat athletes.

The first step towards success is to undergo an assessment.

If you're ready to look, feel, and perform better, then take the first step...